We Wrestle

Wrestling is a hard sport and not for the squeamish, you will have your limits tested, you will learn what it feels like to be beaten, and what it feels like to win. It is an aggressive sport, and as our name declared; it is Brutally Aggressive.”

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Jesus + Humility = Friend of Sinners

It is at this critical point that people either humbles themselves before God, or become hypocritical. Those who choose to follow God will humble themselves and ask God for grace to deliver them from the sin that has entangled them. For those who will try to excuse their sin, the deserving title is hypocrite.

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A man pondering a big question

On Being a Christian

I have often heard it said that being a Christian is really hard to do. As I have pondered this for some time, I have concluded that “trying” to be a Christian is very, very, hard to do . . . in fact, it is impossible to do! Since it is impossible, I wonder why so many try to do it . . .

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The tragic way that death comes; whether at the hands of a lone deranged lunatic, or a band of Isis fighters, causes us to recoil. The level of hatred and evil is intense today, and according to Jesus, will be on the increase.

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Captain of the Lord's Army

Are You for us, or For Them?

First and foremost I am a follower of Jesus; I love Him with all of my heart. You could say that I am a “believer.” To believe in Him is to buy into all He said and did . . . which I do! Since I believe in Him, I am also keenly aware of the tactics of the enemy of Jesus, namely Satan. Yep, he is real and quite active today. The enemy loves division and is really, really good at promoting it.

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