Finding Strength in Waiting: Trusting God During Trials

We face limitations; we lack complete control, wisdom, and answers. Waiting reminds us of God's sovereignty and love as the ultimate authority.

Psalm 27:14 “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart, and wait for the Lord.”

What does waiting on God truly mean?

Active Trust, Not Passive Resignation

Waiting on the Lord isn’t passive or resigned. It’s actively trusting His timing and plans, acknowledging His wisdom and control.

It’s surrendering our desires to His will and finding rest in His presence and promises.

Hope in God’s Power and Goodness

Waiting also signifies hope in His power and goodness.

It’s believing He can exceed our expectations and work all things for our good, and it is the unwavering trust that He will fulfill His word and promises, causing us to rejoice in His grace and faithfulness.

Why Wait on the Lord?

Life in a fallen world is filled with troubles – difficulties, temptations, sorrows, and anxieties.

We face limitations; we lack complete control, wisdom, and answers. Waiting reminds us of God’s sovereignty and love as the ultimate authority.

He holds the future, possesses power and understanding, and embodies the righteousness and holiness we lack.

How to Wait on the Lord

  • Prayer and Seeking His Face: Communicate with God, asking for help, guidance, and thanking Him for provision, protection, and glory.
  • Reading and Meditating on Scripture: Study and apply God’s word, memorizing and meditating on it for transformation, obedience, and delight.
  • Serving and Obeying Him: Use your gifts and talents for His kingdom, sharing resources, ministering to others, and following His example.

Encouraging Others to Wait

  • Share Testimonies: Tell others how God has been faithful in your life, answering prayers and providing strength and hope.
  • Show Love and Support: Pray with and for them, listen empathetically, offer comfort and counsel, and share burdens and joys.
  • Point Them to God’s Character and Promises: Remind them of His love, grace, power, presence, and faithfulness.

Waiting on the Lord isn’t easy, but it’s rewarding. It’s preparation, not delay; fulfillment, not failure; a gift, not a burden.

As we wait, He renews our strength, grants our heart’s desires, and shows us His salvation.

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