Call to Reverent Living

Being a foreigner elicits a sense of displacement and non-conformity.

1 Peter 1:17 “Since you call on a Father who judges each person’s work impartially, live out your time as foreigners here in reverent fear.”

Imagine standing trial before a judge who knows you fully and judges you only by your actions, without bias or preconceived notions. This illustration gives us a glimpse into how God judges us.

God knows our hearts intimately. Yet He judges each person’s work impartially, not showing favoritism.

This means we cannot take God’s mercy for granted or presume upon His grace. Our relationship with Him as His children does not exempt us from His impartial judgment.

Recognizing that we will stand before our impartial Father and Judge should inspire reverent fear and Motivate us to live uprightly. We answer to a perfect standard of justice.

Foreigners in a Fallen World

As followers of Christ, we are foreigners and strangers in this world. Our true home is with our Father in heaven.

We know this world is corrupted by sin, injustice, suffering and death. One day God will make all things right, but for now we live as temporary residents of a deeply flawed place.

Being a foreigner elicits a sense of displacement and non-conformity. We cannot fully assimilate into the values and practices of this fallen world because our allegiance is to a much greater Kingdom.

We are called to live as pilgrims on a journey homeward.

This identity as foreigners should keep us from becoming too settled or invested here. Our hope remains set on our eternal destination.

Living in Reverent Fear

What does it look like to live in reverent fear as foreigners? Firstly, reverent fear entails an awe and respect for God, regarding Him as holy and glorious.

Casualness has no place in how we approach our Father and Judge.

Secondly, this reverent posture will permeate our actions. Knowing God sees all we do, we will strive to walk uprightly and honor Him.

Sin’s allure loses its grip as we live every moment before His searching yet loving eyes.

Thirdly, fearing God includes turning from evil. Just as we avoid actions that would displease an respected earthly authority, so we flee anything that would mar our relationship with our perfect Heavenly Father.

Motivated to Please God

Standing between the judgment seat of Christ and the lure of the world, we fix our eyes on Jesus.

Only His grace empowers us to live as faithful foreigners revering God in awe and action.

God’s impartial judgment and our displacement as pilgrims motivates us to live Holy Lives. When tempted, may we remember we will give an account to our Father who sees all.

As citizen of heaven, refuse conformity to the sinful patterns of this world.

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