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Are you fake or genuine, real or phony

A Form of Godliness

One of the things I love to do is preach! It seems to be the one thing that is always in my heart and has been burned into my spirit! I long to see the “church” come alive and experience all it should and could be! Indeed, anytime people of faith come together to hear the Word of God proclaimed; amazing things can happen. There is, however, an element of great danger for some who to meet like that . . . so much is at stake!

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Captain of the Lord's Army

Are You for us, or For Them?

First and foremost I am a follower of Jesus; I love Him with all of my heart. You could say that I am a “believer.” To believe in Him is to buy into all He said and did . . . which I do! Since I believe in Him, I am also keenly aware of the tactics of the enemy of Jesus, namely Satan. Yep, he is real and quite active today. The enemy loves division and is really, really good at promoting it.

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