Riches to Relationship

Riches to Relationship

Mark 10:21 Jesus looked at him and loved him. “One thing you lack,” he said. “Go, sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

What’s Holding You Back?

When the rich young ruler sought Jesus, Christ perceived the hidden barrier keeping him from full surrender – his wealth. Though morally upright, money owned his heart.

Jesus longs for our absolute affection and willingness to leave everything to gain Him.

What comfort, possession, or dream might you struggle to release? Identify potential competitors to God’s reign.

Trading Earthly Treasures

Jesus invites the young man to exchange fleeting riches for eternal reward by liquidating assets to bless the poor.

Helping the needy reflects Christlike compassion that stores up heavenly treasure.

As we detach from materialism, we gain deeper intimacy with God. He fills the gaps left by forfeited idols. The trade is always worth it!

Lord, You’re My Greatest Treasure

Jesus, reveal any subtle thing wrestling within me to lay everything at Your feet. Riches mean nothing compared to knowing and following You. Give me grace to cling to You alone as my greatest treasure and joy.

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For the Love of Money

For the Love of Money

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Money is the root of all evil”?

It’s a common saying that often gets misquoted. In reality, the Bible tells us something slightly different. In his letter to Timothy, the apostle Paul writes,

“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.” (1 Timothy 6:10)

Notice that it’s not money itself that is the root of evil, but rather the love of money. This distinction is important to understand.

Money, in and of itself, is a neutral tool that can be used for good or for harm. It’s our attitude and relationship toward money that can lead to destructive outcomes.

When we become consumed by the love of money, it can distort our priorities and values.

We may become driven by greed, envy, and selfishness, which can lead to all sorts of harmful behaviors and attitudes.

Paul’s warning serves as a reminder for us to examine our hearts and attitudes toward money. Instead of letting it control us, we are called to be good stewards of the resources we have been given.

It’s about recognizing that our ultimate security and satisfaction come from God, not from material possessions.

Cultivating a heart of generosity, contentment, and wise financial management, we can ensure that money serves as a means to bless others and advance God’s kingdom, rather than a source of corruption and evil.

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