Repentance – A Gift from God

Repentance – A Gift from God

One of the most amazing acts of grace God has given mankind, is the ability to repent. He did not need to; He could have just ended humanity after the fall; but He did not.

God’s greatest expression of love, was dispatching His only begotten Son, to come to earth, engaging a mission to redeem broken humanity; His mission was successfully completed.

Those choosing to accept this gracious gift of salvation, need only to repent, and believe in the Name of Jesus!

Even now, those who have wandered astray; can exercise the gift of repentance, and return to God!

Oh, the matchless grace of God; how deep, and wide it is!

Acts 17:30

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Nations that turn away from God, inevitably embrace that which is evil; and historically, those nations have ceased to exist. God, in His anger, brings judgement, followed by destruction to that nation and it’s people.

However, God in His mercy and grace, offers a solution to the problem; turn away from that which is evil. This “turning” always begins with the people who are called by His Name; the Christians.

The lost people of this world; which all Christians were once a part of, are prone to do evil; it is the Body of Christ; His Church, that is responsible for the fallen state of a nation.

Will the church (you) turn?

Jeremiah 18:8


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