Uneducated and Ordinary

Uneducated and Ordinary

Acts 4:13 sheds light on the remarkable transformation of the apostles Peter and John, who were perceived as uneducated and ordinary men, yet were recognized for their boldness and knowledge:

“When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.”

This verse highlights the power of The Holy Spirit at work in the lives of believers, empowering them to go beyond their natural abilities and accomplish extraordinary things for God’s kingdom.

Courageous Witnesses

Acts 4:13 emphasizes the courage displayed by Peter and John; their boldness and fearlessness in the face of opposition were evident to those around them.

This courage stemmed from their unwavering faith in Jesus and their personal encounter with Him. It was the result of their intimate relationship with the risen Lord, who transformed their lives and emboldened them to be faithful witnesses of His truth.

Their example challenges us to rely on The Holy Spirit’s empowerment and step out in courage to share the gospel with others, regardless of our background or qualifications.

Transformed Lives

The verse also highlights that Peter and John were unschooled and considered ordinary men by societal standards. However, their association with Jesus had a profound impact on their lives.

Their time spent with Jesus, witnessing His teachings, miracles, death, and resurrection, transformed them from ordinary individuals into extraordinary instruments in God’s hands.

This serves as a reminder that God can use anyone, regardless of their background or societal status, to accomplish His purposes and bring about transformation in the lives of others.

Empowerment of The Holy Spirit

It was The Holy Spirit who enabled Peter and John to demonstrate wisdom, knowledge, and boldness that surpassed their natural capabilities.

The Spirit’s guidance and empowerment equipped them to speak with authority and effectiveness, drawing attention and astonishment from those who witnessed their transformed lives.

Embrace the truth that your identity and effectiveness in serving God are not limited by worldly qualifications or status. Rely on the empowerment of The Holy Spirit, who transforms you, fills you with courage, and equips you to be a bold witness of the gospel.

Spend time with Jesus, allowing His Spirit to work within you, and experience a remarkable transformation that surpasses your natural abilities and impacts the lives of others.

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Baby Jesus

Baby Jesus

Just a reminder; Baby Jesus grew up and became a Man; a Man like no other! He came to earth commissioned by His Father to do something stunning; outrageous; even preposterous!
Baby feet wrapped in a blue blanket
God’s ONLY Begotten son, would take on human likeness; live perfectly among broken humanity; and at the proper time; a time determined by His own Father; He would offer His life as a ransom. A way to redeem broken humanity from the curse of sin!

That Dreadful Day came, and Jesus did NOT run from it; rather He embraced it; trusting His Father with the outcome. Jesus laid down His own life and the PLAN WORKED!

Jesus is no longer a baby in a manger, but He is the RISEN, POWERFUL, and GLORIOUS Savior; the LION of the TRIBE of JUDAH!
He comes with power, authority and fire in His eyes! Are YOU ready to see Him? Ready to gaze into those eyes of fire and give an account for your life?
Have you fallen in love with the One who redeems, or have you spent your life mocking and poking fun at Him, and those who follow Him? Time is running dangerously low for you to reconsider your position.
Living life with and for the living Christ is an amazing, and fulfilling life, full of joy, hope and especially, love!
Get you some of that!
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