Is It  Monday Already?

Is It Monday Already?

The weekend is over and it is time for Monday! I can hear the groans already! For many folks, Monday is a dreaded day. It kicks off another 5 days of drudgery, one more countdown to the weekend.


But . . . wait just a minute. Look at this from a different perspective. For many of my friends, we went to a church yesterday, we sang songs to God, we worshiped Him, celebrated His goodness, renewing our trust in His provision.


Yesterday was a celebration of what took place the week before, a renewing of confidence that God will lead us forward in this new week.


Therefore, having just celebrated God’s goodness yesterday, Monday is the Day for the Church to Shine!


So, it is time to buckle up and buckle in, time to set our sights on this brand new, never before seen MONDAY!


It is the beginning of another extravagant week of God’s blessings full of challenges to overcome, opportunities to seize and wonders to behold. Be sure to capture every moment . . . this is gonna be Good!


Let’s do this!

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