Good News of Great Joy

Good News of Great Joy

Luke 1:30-31“But the angel said to her, ‘Do not be afraid, Mary; you have found favor with God. You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you are to call him Jesus.'”

Imagine Mary’s shock when the angel Gabriel suddenly appeared and called her “highly favored” by God!

Just an ordinary young woman engaged to the village carpenter, she could hardly grasp Gabriel’s astounding message.

In an instant, her quiet life was powerfully interrupted by divine plans to birth the Messiah through her willing womb. Though the road ahead would be difficult, a joyful privilege awaited.

God Notices the Humble

God delights in choosing the humble and lowly to accomplish His great plans. Despite her humble state, the Lord selected Mary for the highest honor – to bear the Savior of the world.

Her beautiful surrender reminds us that God notices and exalts the faithful.

An Impossible Promise

Gabriel’s announcement went against all logic and human ability. A virgin conceive and bear the Son of God?

This promised conception could only be explained as a miracle of the Spirit.

Yet Mary responded in faith not doubt, exalting God’s power. She modeled bold trust in His supernatural ability to fulfill His Word, no matter how improbable. Her example challenges our closed minds.

Take God at His Word

When facing impossibilities, take God at His Word. Recall His miraculous works.

Praise Him as mighty to do the unimaginable, just as He promised. Set your gaze on the God of the impossible, not the obstacle.

Believe He will accomplish His purposes.

Name Above All Names

“Jesus” was a common name meaning “Yahweh saves.” As the divine Son in flesh, Jesus embodied the glorious truth that God had come to rescue His people from their sins.

This lowly infant cradled in a manger would fulfill the meaning of His name in cosmic proportions.

His death and resurrection would accomplish the greatest salvation mission history would ever know.

Our Savior

In times of trouble, take comfort in the powerful name of Jesus. He is still the mighty God who saves.

Call upon His name and experience His deliverance. Worship Him for ransoming your life from destruction. Jesus – the name above all names!

Undeserved Grace

Even in her humble state, the Lord called Mary “highly favored.” She did nothing to earn this status apart from saying yes.

Yet by pure grace, God selected her for an honor exceeding all others.

We too are highly favored not through effort but solely by God’s gracious choice to lavish His love upon the undeserving. In awe we receive His blessings and bear the fruit He enables by His Spirit.

Offer Songs of Praise

Like Mary, respond to God’s amazing grace with worship and gratitude. Sing joyful songs that you too are highly favored.

Proclaim His goodness for looking upon you in loving-kindness through no merit of your own. Rejoice in your honored place in His story.

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