Every Idle Word

Every Idle Word

Matthew 12:36But I tell you that everyone will have to give account on the day of judgment for every empty word they have spoken.

Power of Words

Our words hold tremendous power, for good or evil.

Though we may dismiss gossip, lies, or hurtful speech as harmless, Jesus warns that each idle word has eternal implications.

A Mirror to the Heart

Christ sees our words as an overflow of the heart.

Toxic speech reveals inner decay that needs cleansed. Our tongue will testify either for or against us.

Choose Words Carefully

Since every careless word will be replayed on judgment day, we must allow God to guard our lips.

May love, grace and wisdom guide our speech – online and off.

The Fruit of Redemption

Believers transformed by the Spirit speak words of life, not death.

May your conversation reflect the gracious redemption we’ve received in Christ.

Ask God to Seal Your Lips

Lord, I confess that my words often do damage instead of good. Please purify my speech and restrain my tongue from gossip, lies, or tearing others down. Seal my lips unless what I say imparts grace, wisdom and kindness. Cleanse my heart so that my words will testify to Your redeeming work in my life.

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