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All In: The Cost and Reward of Following Jesus

All In: The Cost and Reward of Following Jesus

Luke 14:33 “In the same way, those of you who do not give up everything you have cannot be my disciples.”

This verse challenges us to consider the true meaning of being a follower of Christ.

Meaning of Discipleship

The word “disciple” translates to “learner” or “follower.”

A disciple of Jesus is someone who actively learns from Him, listens to His teachings, obeys His commands, and imitates His example. It’s about a relationship – loving Jesus, becoming like Him, following His path, and sharing His mission.

Jesus calls us to join Him on a journey of love, service, and sacrifice. He invites us to “take up your cross” – a symbol of willingness to suffer for Him – and follow in His footsteps.

Being a disciple is more than just belief or church membership. It’s about transformation – a growing love for Jesus that compels us to be more like Him, living according to His will.

Cost of Discipleship

The cost of discipleship is nothing less than our all.

Jesus doesn’t demand literal poverty, but a complete surrender of attachments and priorities. He requires our love for Him to surpass all else. He asks us to put Him first in every aspect of our lives.

Two parables illustrate this point. Building a tower and going to war require careful planning and commitment. Likewise, following Jesus demands, we count the cost – are we prepared for challenges and difficulties?

Are we willing to pay the price?

Being a disciple is a serious and lifelong commitment, not a casual decision. It affects everything we do and requires sacrifice, dedication, and our wholehearted effort.

Reward of Discipleship

The reward for such commitment? Jesus Himself. He assures us that what we give up pales in comparison to the gain.

He’s the pearl of great price, the treasure hidden in the field, the bread of life, and the living water. He’s the Way, the Truth, and the Life – our Lord, Savior, Friend, Brother, God, and King.

Discipleship isn’t a burden or a loss; it’s a profound joy and gain that surpasses all expectations. It’s the joy of knowing Jesus and being known by Him.

Challenge of Daily Discipleship

The challenge lies in living out our faith daily. Jesus calls for self-denial, carrying our cross (embracing challenges for Him), and following Him every day.

This translates to loving God completely and our neighbor as ourselves. We are called to be “salt and light” in the world, influencing others for good and sharing the gospel message.

Jesus expects us to apply His teachings in everyday situations, showing love and grace to everyone we meet. He desires our continual growth in faith and character, witnessing for Him and His kingdom.

Being a disciple is a lifelong journey of learning, doing, receiving, giving, trusting, obeying, and continually growing in Christ. It shapes who we are and our ultimate destiny.

The cost of discipleship is everything, but the reward is Jesus Himself. He calls you, equips you, and promises to be with you always.

As the hymn writer declares, “I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back.”

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