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Power of Gentle Words

Power of Gentle Words

Proverbs 15:1A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

Solomon offers practical wisdom about the power of our words. A gentle response extinguishes fury, while harshness enflames strife.

Our speech holds incredible sway over relationships and situations.

The Default is Defensiveness

When criticized or confronted, our natural impulse is to fire back in defensiveness. We want to justify, refute accusations, and explain our rationale.

But this fans flames rather than calming conflict.

A gentle turn of phrase combined with engaged listening can peacefully disarm and unite. It validates the other, even when we disagree on issues. This opens the door to real communication.

Consider Your Audience

Aim to craft responses that account for your listener’s perspective and emotions.

What phrasing might diffuse tension rather than trigger defensiveness in them?

Speak the truth, but do so graciously.

Taming Our Tongues

This takes Spirit-empowered discipline over our reactions.

May God give us wisdom to pause and prayerfully consider constructive, compassionate responses – for our words carry power to harm or heal.

Lord, Set a Guard Over My Mouth

Lord, keep watch over my lips and tame my tongue. When faced with conflict or criticism, enable me to gently engage. Help me wield the formidable power of my speech to restore relationships through caring, thoughtful responses.

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