Persecution and Reward

Persecution and Reward

Matthew 5:11“Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.”

Pain of Rejection

Being insulted or slandered is deeply painful, especially when it’s unfounded.

We want to defend ourselves and set the record straight when attacked.

Standing for Christ

But Jesus says we’re blessed when persecution comes from aligning with Him.

The world rejected Christ, so why would we expect better treatment as His followers?

Eyes on Eternity

Current mistreatment pales compared to eternal reward.

By keeping heaven in view, we can endure opposition with grace, leaving vindication to God.

Overcoming Evil with Good

Let’s follow Jesus’ example by refusing to retaliate against persecutors.

Our calling is to love the unlovely and overcome evil with good, leaving judgment to God.

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Taste & See

Taste & See

Little children are often reluctant to try new food. Maybe it is the texture, color, smell, or perhaps a friend dislikes it, so it must be awful!

Recall the famous Dr. Seuss story about Green Eggs and Ham; after being chased down time after time, poor Sam I Am tried the dreaded dish, only to find out that they were delightful!

Many folks resist the idea of having a Lord or a Savior. Many have been conditioned to think that God is harsh, mean, overbearing and full of anger towards them.

The fact is, God is merciful, loving, kind and very patient. His goodness is beyond comprehension; the peace that He brings to the restless soul is without measure; nearly impossible to properly define.

It may seem like a cliche` but God is Good . . . all the time!

Go ahead, taste and see for yourself; you are going to like it!

Psalm 34:8

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