A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story

Christmas has arrived so quickly this year! Perhaps it’s the “age thing” or the “busy-ness” of life, whatever the case may be, Christmas is here! 

One of the things I like to do each year, to help me spiritually as Christmas nears, is to read and re-read the Christmas story from the Bible.

I often begin reading these accounts in late October and early November. I like to go to the Old Testament and read Isaiah’s account of the coming Savior (Isaiah 9:2 – 7) not forgetting to look at Micah 5:2, for the reference to Bethlehem, as the place of His birth.

I also love the account in the New Testament from Matthew 1:18-25 and Luke 2:1-20, each giving their own flavor to what took place.

While I know I have read these accounts dozens, if not hundreds of times, I never tire of reading them. Each time my heart leaps with joy, and my mind races with wonder, as our great God engages the most miraculous plan ever!!!

I am bedazzled by the audacity of His move. To usher in the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, by allowing Himself to be born and raised by imperfect parents, is beyond imagination! What risk! What adventure! Talk about shock and awe, my God is the author of it all!

My whole being revels in the story each time I read it. I feel as though I was kidnaped by an evil marauding pirate and trapped in a dungeon on a faraway island with no hope of escape.

The ocean was too far and my rescuers could not make the journey. Even if I could escape on my own, I would only be re-captured and sent back to the dark recesses of the gloomy den; only darkness, evil, and despair awaited me! Who would be my rescuer?

Alas, rather than come with warships and armor to my rescue, He devised a plan to enter the dungeon with me, and make the extraction from within, not from without! The plan was risky, fraught with danger!

In spite of the risks; the dangers inherent in this plan, He came anyway!

I recall in vivid details the day I woke up in that dark dungeon to find the Master standing there, with arms open wide, His face beaming with joy, beckoning me to come.

I could hardly believe my eyes, it was Him in all His glory, looking at me, in my sin and disgrace. I could hardly look at Him, I felt so ashamed! I expected words of condemnation, criticisms, and punishment, as that was all I ever received while locked in this frightful dungeon.

Instead, He lifted me up, then gently opened the shackles on my feet and hands. He tenderly began to bring light to my darkened eyes, and we began our journey out of the dungeon into His kingdom.

He has never once been critical of me, has never judged me as unworthy, nor has He spoken evil of me in any way. He continues to be my very best Friend!

How about you? Has the Savior been to your dungeon yet?

This Christmas, as we celebrate the wonder and the joy, let the Master free you, and allow Him the joy of a complete rescue on your behalf; after all, He risked everything for you.

God is Awesome

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