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Sherri came from an abusive home with an alcoholic father.

At age 13 Sherri experienced a severe sexual assault by three young

men. She had no one to turn to who would listen, so she tried to hide

the hurt and the pain.


She developed an eating disorder that would nearly kill her. Years later she

would undergo dozens of medical procedures to correct the damage done.


“why do bad things happen to good people?”


As her teen years progressed, Sherri began to have real questions about God

and began to ask the good folks at church “why do bad things happen

to good people?”


Without knowing what had happened to Sherri, one well intentioned lady of the church

said that sometimes God lets bad things happen to teach us lessons in life.


That caused Sherri to begin to despise the church and the God that was trying to teach

her a lesson by having three young men rape her! She then began to do everything she

could to get back at God for what He had allowed. She even began to dabble in

witchcraft! Her young life was out of control.


At a funeral service, of all places . . .


Several years after our conversion Sherri had a chance encounter with one of the

perpetrators of the  sexual assault that had taken place. At a funeral service, of all

places, this man come over to Sherri, with his wife in tow, and with tears told his wife;

“this is the girl I spoke to you about.” He then looked at Sherri with tears in his eyes

and asked her to forgive him . . . she did!


Sherri is uniquely qualified to help women; young and old, to overcome the painful

and debilitating emotional fallout from abuse of all kinds. Sherri would love to come

and speak to your church, especially women, about these issues.












Rock came from a solid home; but by age 15 began dabbling in

alcohol and drugs; eventually getting out of control. In 1979 he

met Sherri and kidnapped her!


Well, not really! He got a job in Ohio and asked Sherri if she wanted to go;

he was 21, she was 17. So, at midnight, she sneaked out of her house and went

with Rock to Ohio. A few days later Sherri called a friend back home and

learned her father had called the police; putting out an APB on Rock for kidnapping

his daughter; they were looking for Rock in NY, PA and OH! She called her  father

and said if he ever wanted to see her again, to drop the charges; which he did.


. . . alcohol; drugs and theft were a way of life


Rock & Sherri’s life went totally out of control, alcohol; drugs and theft were a way

of life. Through an amazing set of circumstances; 15 years later, with two children,

Rock and Sherri were lured by the Holy Spirit to a Free Methodist Camp meeting

where both Rock and Sherri would meet Jesus; changing their lives forever!


Within two years of their salvation in Christ, Rock and Sherri were sensing God’s call to

ministry and in 1992; Rock began serving as a local ministerial candidate and by 1995

was appointed as pastor to the very church that helped him come to Jesus!


Rock & Sherri would love to tell “the rest of the story” with your church!


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