Stay Focused

Have you ever felt disheartened on your spiritual journey? The apostle Paul addresses the believers who were facing challenges and distractions. He encourages them with these words, Galatians 5:7

 “You were running a good race. Who cut in on you and kept you from obeying the truth?”

These words remind us that the Christian life is like a race, and we must stay focused on the path set before us.

Imagine running in a marathon, feeling the rush of excitement as you take off from the starting line. You trained hard, preparing your body and mind for this race.

But as you continue, you notice some runners veering off course, chasing after shortcuts or getting entangled in obstacles. In the same way, our spiritual journey can be filled with distractions and temptations that hinder us from obeying the truth.

Paul’s appeal to the Galatians serves as a reminder to us too! We must guard against anything that hinders our obedience to God’s truth.

It may be the pressure to conform to societal craziness, the allure of sinful desires, or the influence of false teachings. To stay on track, we need to continually fix our eyes on Jesus.

Ask yourself: What are the things that have cut in on me and kept me from obeying the truth?

Are there areas where you have been swayed by the opinions and values of the world? Refocus your attention on Christ and His teachings.

Rely on the Holy Spirit for strength and guidance as you run the race of faith. Never lose sight of the ultimate prize: the eternal fellowship with our loving Heavenly Father.