Ripe for Harvest

Jesus saw ripe spiritual fields surrounding him. Yet his disciples remained blinded to the hunger of souls.

John 4:35“Don’t you have a saying, ‘It’s still four months until harvest’? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.”

Jesus uttered these words to his disciples after an encounter with a Samaritan woman.

Having ministered to this outcast soul and witnessed her life transformed, Jesus saw ripe spiritual fields surrounding him. Yet his disciples remained blinded to the hunger of souls.

Like the disciples, we often fail to notice those around us desperate for hope, meaning, and salvation.

We miss opportunities to sow spiritual seeds and reap a harvest for eternity. There are far more ready hearts than we imagine.

Open our Eyes

Ask the Lord to break your heart for the lost and open your eyes to see people as He does.

Plead for His compassion and zeal to reach the wandering and broken.

Where we see apathy or hostility, God sees hearts crying out for Him. Ask Him for faith to act.

Now is the Time – No Delay

Christ’s mandate is urgent – the fields are ripe for harvest now. We are not called to wait for perfect conditions or hold back until fully equipped.

The fields are white and ready today. Eternity hangs in the balance.

God commands us to go into the world and make disciples now. Through His power, our simple acts of loving witness can reap monumental harvest as we sow gospel seeds among hungry hearts.

Obedience brings exponential impact for eternity.

Available Vessels

Are you an available vessel God can use to gather a ripe spiritual harvest?

Yield your time, talents, and treasure to reach those around you. Allow His heart for the lost and His empowering Spirit to flow through you.

He will prepare divine appointments as you make yourself a willing vessel.


Jesus reminds us that we are privileged to co-labor with Him in gathering a bountiful harvest.

It requires persistent, patient sowing of truth – in word and deed – with hearts open to divine appointments.

As we walk in obedience, Jesus promises we will reap a harvest beyond our wildest dreams. What joy to partner with Jesus!

Eternal Reward

The harvest is plentiful! Rise to the challenge of Jesus’ words to see others as He does and co-labor urgently with Him. Step out in faith, and share in His incomparable joy of leading many to salvation.

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