As we read Revelation 22:12, we are reminded of the incredible promise that Jesus made to us. He said that He is coming soon and that He will bring with Him a reward for each person according to what they have done.

This is a truth that should fill us with both hope and conviction.

When Jesus says that he will give to each person according to what they have done, He is not talking about earning our salvation through good works. We know that salvation is a free gift that we receive through faith in Christ.

However, our works do matter, not for our salvation, but as evidence of it. Our deeds are a reflection of our faith and our love for God.

As we think about the reward that Jesus promises, we should be motivated to live lives that are pleasing to Him. We should seek to do good and to serve others, not to earn our salvation, but out of gratitude for what Christ has done for us.

Our works should be a natural response to the love and grace that we have received from Him.

At the same time, the promise of reward should also fill us with a healthy sense of fear and awe. We know that Jesus is coming soon, and we do not know the day or the hour.

We must be ready at all times, living in a way that honors Him and reflects His love to the world.

Finally, as we meditate on this verse, we are reminded that our ultimate reward is not in this life, but in the next.

The promise that Jesus makes is not for material wealth or earthly success, but for a share in His kingdom. We long for the day when we will be with Him forever, and we live each day with that hope in our hearts.

Be faithful to Him in all that you do, knowing that your reward is secure in Him.