Pulpit Supply

Bible and boots

Our goal is not simply to “fill” your pulpit, but rather it is to bring the power and authority of God’s word to your congregation in a winsome, practical way. We want to engage your folks and challenge them to a deeper walk with Jesus.

Rock, often described as the “Tractor Supply” pastor; rarely seen with a suit on. He relates very well to the common, everyday folks with messages that are timely and relevant to the issues of the day.

Pastor Rock, who is an evangelist at heart, will challenge the church, to step up, and step into the profound position given to the believer, challenging them to not only talk the talk, but to walk it out!

Sherri has a softer touch and speaks to the issues of the heart, such as love, forgiveness, healing and hope. Her life experiences have given her a depth of insight into the heart that is uncanny.

Here are a few testimonials about our services . . .