Faith Upside Down – How It Began


Our experience in pastoral ministry took place in rural Pennsylvania; nestled in the mountains of Cameron County; the heart of the Pennsylvania Wilds, we served a small town called Emporium. Sherri and I both grew up in this town.


Like many small rural communities, Emporium has its fair share of problems; some might say much more than its fair share! Having lived in this community, we know in detail the problems associated with the town; drug abuse, alcoholism, suicide and sexual abuse; are far more common than folks there care to admit.


As pastors in this community, we have seen the hurt and pain the devil has inflicted and we began to earnestly pray for the deliverance of this town.


For many years, every Sunday morning, Sherri and I would head to an overlook that provided a stunning view of our little town, and we would pray there.


On one particular occasion, I went alone and was praying over the town; what happened that day would change my life forever!


While I was praying that day, I was praying against the powers and principalities that had been enslaving the people in this community for years. Determined to see a breakthrough, I was passionately praying out loud; fists punching at the sky as if pounding on the devil himself!


It was then the most unexpected thing happened; the Lord seemed to come near and then he asked me a question. To the best of my recollection, here is how the conversation unfolded.


A meeting with God on the Mountain


The Lord said to me;


Rock, what are you doing?


I was somewhat taken aback, as to me, it seemed obvious what I was doing, so I answered the Lord; “I am praying.” He said in the kindest way possible;


Why are you praying like that, punching at the sky?


I was not sure what He was getting at, and I really did not know how to answer, so I responded; “This is how I do it.” There was a pause and then he asked me another question;


Rock, where are you?


I’m getting even more confused now, and all I could do was to say; “I’m here, Lord!” There was another pause and then He rephrased the same question;


Rock, where are you, spiritually speaking?


I responded by saying, “I’m with you, Lord.” It was then that the Scripture from Ephesians 2:6 came rushing to my heart. The Lord asked me again;


Rock, where are you?


I responded; “I am seated with Christ in the heavenly realms” What the Lord said next would forever change my life and ministry!

The Lord said to me;


Rock, stop praying with your fists pounding at the sky, as if you were fighting an enemy that you are in subjection to. Start praying from your true position in Me. Instead of praying with a down side up mentality, pray from the up side down; from the heavenly realm where you are seated; the battle is not over your head, but is under your feet.


Praying With Authority


Wow! I was stunned by what had just taken place. I realized that much of my prayer life was done out of a sense of duty, not recognizing the authority with which one could pray,


I learned that I do have authority and that I could pray expecting awesome answers; the days going forward would give ample opportunity for the truth of this to become evident.


It was out of this encounter with the Lord on that mountain that birthed the idea of Praying Upside Down and hence the name of our ministry endeavor; Faith Upside Down.