Outreach / Evangelistic Workshop

We have a large toolkit of ideas; all of which we have done in the last 25 years

that we would love to share with you and your church. This type of workshop

would be best done on a Saturday morning or Sunday evening and would take

2 to 3 hours to share.


Here’s what you can learn:


  • How to effectively pray for every business in your area
  • How to pray for every person in your school district and make it personal
  • How to connect with your local fire department to pass out smoke detectors and batteries
  • How to organize and plan a child safety bike rally
  • How to do an effective back-pack give away for school
  • Open a homework help center
  • How to select and plan an appreciation dinner for area service groups and agencies
  • Organize and run a Bike Blessing
  • Playground ministries


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