Watch Where You’re Going

A few nights ago I was taking a shortcut to my destination through a cemetery. That was a mistake, because the grave-diggers had just opened a new site, in preparations for a funeral early the next morning.


Since it was dark and drizzling I didn’t notice the pit, causing me to take an unfortunate plunge right into the deep hole. Because of the wet weather the sides of the hole were slippery, in addition to being deep. Try though I did (again and again), I could not climb out.


Finally I realized that I would just have to wait for someone to come along the next morning. Having decided thus, I settled into the driest corner and tried to get some sleep.


Just before dawn I heard another man coming. He was singing to himself, and he sounded very drunk. But before I could warn him about the treacherous hole, I heard him stumble, and looked up to see him fall almost right on top of me. He yelped in fright and started trying his best to get back topside.


In his desperation to escape however, he somehow missed noticing my presence. After watching him struggle a few times to escape, I decided to try and calm him.


“It’s no use,” I said. “You can’t get out!”         …but he did