His Words

In John 12:48, Jesus says,

“There is a judge for the one who rejects me and does not accept my words; the very words I have spoken will condemn them at the last day.”

These words challenge us to consider the weight and significance of Jesus’ teachings in our lives.

Authority of Jesus’ Words

Jesus emphasizes that His words hold immense authority and significance. He is not merely a wise teacher or a prophet but the very embodiment of truth and the divine Son of God.

When we reject His words or choose not to accept them, we place ourselves in a position of judgment. Jesus’ words are not just ordinary teachings; they are words of eternal life and salvation.

They reveal God’s plan for humanity, offer guidance for righteous living, and point us toward the path of reconciliation with God.

Words of Life

To accept Jesus’ words means more than just intellectual agreement; it calls for wholehearted obedience and a transformed life.

Living by His words involves surrendering our will to His authority; bringing our thoughts and actions in line with His teachings, and seeking to cultivate a deep relationship with Him.

As we live in accordance with Jesus’ words, we experience the blessings of His grace, the power of His Spirit, and the hope of eternal life. Our lives become a testimony to the transformative power of His words, and our obedience becomes an act of worship and gratitude.

Divine Authority

The words of Jesus are not to be taken lightly or casually dismissed. They carry divine authority and have the power to shape our eternal destiny.

Cherish His words, not only as insightful teachings but as the very essence of life and truth. Seek to understand His teachings, internalize them in your heart, and allow them to guide your every thought, word, and action.

By living Jesus’ words, you participate in the abundant life He offers and find assurance of your standing before Him on the last day.