Here I Am, Send Me

Isaiah 6:8 captures a pivotal moment in the life of the prophet Isaiah, where he encounters the awe-inspiring presence of God.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

This verse resonates with a profound message of surrender, willingness, and a readiness to answer God’s call in our lives.

Surrendered Heart

Isaiah’s response to God’s call exemplifies a heart that is surrendered to the divine will. When we encounter the majesty and holiness of God, we are confronted with our own inadequacies and limitations.

In that humbling moment, we have a choice: to shrink back in fear or to offer ourselves wholeheartedly to God. Isaiah chose the latter.

His willingness to be sent by God reflects a heart that recognizes the sovereignty and authority of the Almighty, and responds with complete surrender.


Isaiah’s words, “Here am I. Send me!” also reveal his willingness to go wherever God would lead him. Answering God’s call often involves stepping out of our comfort zones, embracing uncertainty, and venturing into the unknown.

It requires a spirit of trust and a willingness to leave behind familiar territories and embrace the unique assignment God has in mind.

Isaiah’s response teaches us that when we are attuned to God’s voice and receptive to His leading, we can overcome fear and embrace the adventure of fulfilling His purpose in our lives.

Faithful Obedience

Isaiah’s resolute declaration serves as an inspiring example of faithful obedience. He didn’t offer a half-hearted response or make excuses for why he couldn’t go. Instead, he wholeheartedly offered himself as a willing instrument in God’s hands.

Isaiah recognized that answering God’s call required more than just words—it demanded a life of obedience and action.

His response challenges us to examine our own lives and consider how we can faithfully respond to the unique callings and opportunities that God presents to us.

God is still asking the question; “Whom will I send and who will go for us?” How will you respond to this amazing invitation?