Heavenly Wisdom

True wisdom starts with a deep, pure reverence for God.

James 3:17 “But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.”

What exactly is wisdom?

James contrasts man’s wisdom – which is selfish, unspiritual and often demonstrated through bad deeds – with wisdom from above which has beautiful Christlike qualities.

True wisdom starts with a deep, pure reverence for God.

It expresses itself in peacemaking, gentleness, mercy and sincerity. Heavenly wisdom bears good fruit by applying God’s truth in practical ways that benefit others.

Set Your Mind Above

Ask God to cultivate this wisdom from heaven in your life starting today.

Keep your mind set on things above and saturate your thoughts with God’s Word. Yield your will to the Spirit’s control.

God promises that as we submit to Him, we will walk in greater spiritual insight and understanding.

Pure and Peaceful

The first trait of heavenly wisdom is purity of heart and life.

Godly wisdom avoids moral compromise and remains untainted by sinful motives of greed, lust for power or self-promotion.

It flows from a heart cleansed by the blood of Jesus and made whole.

Out of inner purity comes the fruit of peace. Wisdom from above is not divisive, but gentle, forgiving and peace-seeking.

It recognizes that discord arises from sinful desires and responds with humility, restraint and grace.

Peacemakers at Heart

Ask the Lord to make you a channel of His purifying wisdom that overcomes evil with good and makes peace.

Yield your thoughts, words and actions to the Spirit’s control so you sow seeds of righteousness, not conflict. God’s wisdom brings lasting fruit.

Full of Mercy

Heavenly wisdom is considerate of others and submissive to God’s authority. It is not harsh, domineering or demanding but patient, cautious and humble.

Those walking in godly wisdom are quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.

Out of thoughtfulness flows mercy. Wisdom from above is compassionate and forgiving, not vengeful. It empathizes with the hurting and extends God’s redemptive grace to others, even enemies.

We must clothe ourselves daily with mercy.

Overflowing Goodness

Ask the Lord to make you increasingly compassionate, quick to overlook offenses and extend forgiveness.

Fill your heart with mercy by considering Christ’s mercy toward you. Let thankfulness for God’s grace spill over in practical actions to reflect His goodness to others.

Sincere and Impartial

Heavenly wisdom is sincere and impartial. It is free from prejudice and hypocrisy. We love genuinely, without favoritism or selfish ambition.

As we walk in surrendered obedience to God’s truth, the Spirit produces His fruit in our lives. Wisdom from above frees us to live wholeheartedly for God’s glory rather than seeking to impress others or promote self.

By Their Fruit

Ask the Lord to cultivate purity, sincerity, humility and integrity within you by the transforming power of His Spirit. May your life bloom with the beautiful fruit of heavenly wisdom.

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