All Creatures Great and Small

May the glory and variety of God's animal kingdom inspire praise for the Creator. Let us joyfully join the chorus all creatures raise.

“And God said, “Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds: the livestock, the creatures that move along the ground, and the wild animals, each according to its kind.” And it was so.”

Genesis 1:24

With effortless authority, God proclaimed, “Let the land produce living creatures!” At His Word, the earth teemed with animals great and small, each after its own kind. Sea and sky filled with fish and birds. Forest and field overflowed with beasts and bugs.

God needed no raw materials to construct this vast variety and volume of creatures. His Word alone commanded teeming life into being. As easily as saying “let there be,” infinite diversity exploded at the Creator’s decree.

Stand in awe of God’s power, as in an instant He called forth all these creatures by His Word. Our mighty Maker needs nothing but the sound of His voice to fill the world with life.

Magnificent Variety

What a spectacular menagerie God spoke into existence! Livestock for food and labor, wild animals stalking the forests, creeping critters underfoot – animals of every shape and size appeared at God’s command.

The Lord did not fashion just one generic beast but splendid diversity. He crafted the majestic lion and the lowly lizard, the towering giraffe and the tiny gecko, the belching hippo and the buzzing housefly. Every creature reflected God’s artistry.

May the glory and variety of God’s animal kingdom inspire praise for the Creator. Let us joyfully join the chorus all creatures raise.

Cared for by the Creator

Not only did God speak animals into being, but He faithfully cares for each one. Jesus said not even a small sparrow falls without the Father’s notice and concern. We never escape God’s sovereign sight and care.

In a world that often prizes the large and flashy above the small and ordinary, how reassuring that God treasures each creature He made. The same powerful God who rules the universe attends lovingly to all.

Dear fiend, you are immeasurably more valuable than animals to God. Rest in His watchful, caring hand over your life.

Creatures in Harmony

Before sin’s curse, animals lived peaceably without fear. God’s original design was full harmony between man and beasts. One day He will restore creation to that perfect state.

Until then, may we reflect God’s care for all creatures, great and small, by pursuing their flourishing. As being created in the image of God, let us steward His world in ways that allow all life to thrive.

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