Guided by God’s Wisdom

Guided by God’s Wisdom

Promise of Divine Guidance

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.” Psalm 32:8 (NIV)

In this verse, we are given a beautiful promise from God: that He will be our guide, our teacher, and our counselor, leading us in the path we should take.

Need for Guidance

Life’s journey is often filled with uncertainty, confusion, and difficult choices. We can easily lose our way, stumbling through the darkness without a clear sense of direction.

But we are not alone in this journey. God, in His infinite wisdom and love, offers to guide us.

Wisdom of God’s Counsel

God’s guidance is not a mere set of instructions or a map to follow blindly. It is a personal, loving counsel that takes into account our unique circumstances and needs.

With His loving eye upon us, God offers wisdom that is tailored to our specific situation, helping us navigate the complexities of life.

Path of Trust

To receive God’s guidance, we must cultivate a heart of trust. We must be willing to surrender our own limited understanding and lean on His wisdom.

As we walk in obedience and faith, God will illuminate the path before us, step by step, leading us into the fullness of His plan.

It takes humility to recognize our need for divine guidance and the courage to trust in God’s wisdom as we journey through life. For in doing so, we can experience the joy and peace of walking in the path He has prepared for us.

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Power in the Blood

Power in the Blood

In the Gospel of John, we encounter a profound statement made by Jesus Himself; John 6:53.

 Jesus said to them, “Very truly I tell you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you.

This statement may sound strange and even shocking at first, but it carries a powerful spiritual truth.

When Jesus speaks of eating His flesh and drinking His blood, He is using symbolic language to convey a deeper spiritual reality.

He is inviting us to partake in a close and intimate relationship with Him. Just as physical food and drink are necessary for our physical sustenance, Jesus is emphasizing the importance of nourishing our souls through a deep and personal connection with Him.

This passage reminds us that our faith in Christ is not simply a set of intellectual beliefs or moral principles.

It is a living and dynamic relationship with the Savior Himself. Jesus is the source of true life, and by partaking in Him, we receive spiritual sustenance, nourishment, and eternal life.

So, as you reflect on John 6:53, accept the invitation of Jesus to come to Him, to abide in Him, and to experience the fullness of life that He offers.

Cultivate a deep and intimate relationship with Him, nourishing your soul with His presence, His teachings, and His grace.

Never forget that Jesus is the bread of Life, the one who satisfies your deepest longings and grants you eternal life through faith in Him.

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Passing Judgement

Passing Judgement

On weekends, I love to preach the Gospel whenever and wherever I can. During the week however, I drive a big-rig; racking up about 2000 miles weekly.


I have lots of time to think and pray as I drive along. Occasionally the Lord tests my patience and internal motives while driving, and He does it in the most creative way.


Recently while driving along a very twisty road, an old beat up Ford Explorer pulled out in front of me then went really, really slow!


 I saw that the back bumper of his Ford was barely hanging on, and the left taillight was broken too. As I moved closer to him, he put on his right turn signal; I braked sharply, thinking he was going to turn.


As I backed off, he turned his right signal off. I quickly realized that he had no brake lights and was using the turn signal instead. It seemed as though he was turning the right turn signal on every time he slowed down.


As this behavior continued for the next few miles, I found myself becoming indignant about this driver. I thought how foolish it was to drive like this and how dangerous; it was an accident waiting to happen!


After about 4 miles of this driving this way, and judging this man’s actions, I looked down at my dashboard to do a quick check on my speed and gauges. I noticed that my right turn signal was blinking; probably since my last turn, nearly 6 miles ago!


It dawned on me that the man was trying to send ME a signal that I left my right turn signal was still flashing! I felt like a real dummy! Here I was, judging the man ; all the while, he was only trying to help me!


As I continued to drive along, I wondered how many times I misjudged someone based on appearances, preferences, or some other external influence; I cannot count how many times I have done that!


I am reminded of an Old Testament Scripture let me share it with you.


1 Samuel 16:7 (NASB)

But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look at his appearance or at the height of his stature, because I have rejected him; for God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” (Italics mine)


That verse reminds me to stop judging by outward appearances; the results of which produce faulty thinking; God does not do it, so why should I?


Lesson learned!


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Jesus Counts

Jesus Counts

While serving as pastor of a small church my wife Sherri, did far more than anyone would ever know. The pastor’s wife is often the unsung hero of any ministry endeavor! One of the many tasks Sherri took on was to record the attendance of the various meeting we would be holding.


Sherri would often get volunteers to count the folks who attended Sunday morning services; but when those volunteers were unable, she would do the count.


We held a mid-week Bible study too; Sherri also attended, and at the end of the week, she would let me know how many had come.


One particular week, I saw a discrepancy in the numbers she gave me. I remembered clearly that seven people attended; five others, Sherri, and myself yet she marked down eight. I went over it again and counted only seven.


I mentioned to her that I thought the count was off a little and I shared with her the names of those who attended. She looked quizzically at me and said; “you forgot one.” No, I am sure seven, were there that night. She looked at me again and said a little indignantly; “how can you forget the most important person.”


Did you forget Jesus?


I finally blurted out . . . “Who am I missing!” She looked at me and said; “Jesus was there, and He counts.” She went on to say that every time she takes attendance, she always counts Jesus, because He is always there, and He matters.


As I pondered her reasoning, I began to realize that many times we have had meetings and never acknowledged Jesus was there; and I started to wonder how many times He did not come, for that very reason!


Since then, I have made it a point, to always acknowledge that Jesus is present, and to never just assume that He is. I try not to talk about Him as if He were in another room, but rather as a distinguished guest. I do not always get this right, but I do make a concerted effort to remember His significance and to not just assume He is there.


Yes . . . Jesus counts; are you including Him on your rolls?





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Three Christmas Trees

Three Christmas Trees

Christmas was always a very big deal at the Pifer house. As I recall, it was my mother, who set the tone for this holiday. Pulling off an amazing Thanksgiving Dinner was just a “warm-up” for mom!


The week after Thanksgiving, it seemed as though she kicked into high gear. Mom would start baking every conceivable goody you could imagine; all kinds of fudge, mouthwatering peanut brittle, cookies by the basket full. She made gingerbread cookies and even gingerbread houses!


She would make these things she called “gobs;” she took two small fluffy chocolate cakes and put the most delectable cream sandwiched inside . . . these were just too good!


Not only would she be baking up a storm, she would begin decorating; to say mom was into Christmas would be an understatement.


Mom always wanted the perfect Christmas tree


There was a point of contention that came up almost every year and that was the dreaded “Christmas Tree.” You see, mom always desired to have a nice, as we called it, store-bought Christmas tree. You know; the kind they sell every year; the ones perfectly shaped and easy to decorate.


Mom got this desire for the perfect tree, from her own mother; we called her, Nana. While I never spent a Christmas with Nana, mom would show us pictures of her Christmas trees . . . they were stunning, just stunning.


Mom always wanted to get a tree worthy of decorating, and it was rare that she got one like that. You see, my dad had a hard time throwing down good money for something that would only be used for a few weeks and then burned out in the backyard.


Dad would say something like; “I’ll be dad-burned if I’ll spend good money on a Christmas tree when we are surrounded by the forest. I’ll go out and cut one down; which he often did!


Some of the trees he would come home with were atrocious!
Well, one particular Christmas, mom was determined to get a store-bought tree.


I think my dad was anticipating her request and thought he would hurry up and go out in the woods and get her a tree before she had a chance to ask him for a store bought one.


The tree dad brought home, was one of the ugliest trees we ever saw! It was too short and had huge gaps in the branches! No matter how you turned the tree, it looked awful! Mom told dad, “Moe, you get that tree out of the living room and go down to Sterling Run and get me a real Christmas tree!”


Dad goes for a store-bought Christmas tree.


Dad, knowing he had been had; grumbled and said, “Oh all right.” So dad took the tree outside and jumped in his truck and roared off to Sterling Run; about 3 miles away to pick up a store-bought tree!


He went down and picked out a beautiful Scotch pine, tossed it into the bed of the pickup truck, threw a rope around in and hurried home. What he did not know, was that after about a quarter mile, the wind caught the tree and it fell out of the back of the truck.


The rope, which was tied to the truck, had a large knot on the other end, and it just so happened that the knot was stuck between two branches near the base of the Christmas tree. So dad blistered home about sixty miles an hour with the tree dragging 10 feet behind the truck.


Mom, anxiously waiting for her beautiful tree, was waiting for dad to return. Looking down the road, here comes dad; driving the old International pick-up truck, barreling around the corner. Something just did not look right though; where was the tree!


Mom steps off the porch as dad wheels into the driveway; dad still clueless about the tree. Mom, walking towards the truck, stops as dad comes to a halt; with her hands on her hips, says in a loud voice; “Moe, what did you do!”


Dad jumps out of the truck saying loudly; “well, I went and got you your tree!” He spun around to untie the tree, only to see it on the ground, hardly a pine needle left on it!


Now, dad was not one to blush, but I am sure his face turned several different shades of red; not sure, if he was embarrassed or angry! Mom just stood there, arms crossed, trying hard not to burst out laughing!


Yep, that was the year we had three Christmas trees; mom got a real nice store-bought tree to boot!


Oh, the memories!

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