Bible Study Resources

We are thrilled to announce that our Faith Upside Down Bible Series “Learning How to Pray Upside Down” with companion Prayer Journals is now available on Amazon as a PAPERBACK or KINDLE.

We begin our journey together in the first study guide in this series PAPERBACK or KINDLE, “Conflict Begins” by going all the way back to the beginning, The Book of Genesis, rediscovering how it all began.

We will examine the devil, and some of the reasons he fell from his powerful position in heaven, gaining new insight into his motivation to deceive Adam and Eve.

We will study his character, his scope of influence, along with his strategy and tactics. In this study, we discover the awe-inspiring power and character of our God, along with His strategy, and we learn that our position in God’s family is secure; we are, “seated with Christ in the heavenly realms.”

In the second study guide, PAPERBACK or KINDLE, “Kingdom Life,” we head deeper into the Heavenly Realm. We will become aware of this astonishing truth; we are expressing God’s Manifold Wisdom to the powers and principalities in the heavenly realms.

We begin to realize that our journey with Jesus is so much more than the salvation of our souls, but it is a participation in His Glorious work, advancing His Kingdom here on earth.

We take a fresh look at the importance of prayer, and learn that the “Lord’s Prayer” is a model for us to follow, not simply a prayer to recite. Using Scripture, we will thoroughly examine our hearts, preparing for a Baptism of the Holy Spirit. We will learn how to operate with the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

In the final study guide, PAPERBACK or KINDLE, “Suit Up” we examine the full Armor of God. We learn what this armor is; how to wear it effectively, making sure we have a good fit.

After we put on the Whole Armor of God, we examine the Keys to the Kingdom, and learn what they unlock. Finally, we will rediscover our mission, the very reason that God called us into His Kingdom, and has equipped us so completely.

We also are offering all three volumes in one book! The Learning to Pray Upside Down 15 Week Bible Study Guide, contains all three study guides mentioned above in one convenient volume.  




3 Month Prayer Journals

Prayer, the most important discipline a Christian participates in; is also a discipline frequently overlooked.

Our lives tend to be, jam-packed from the time we wake up, until we end the day, and far too often, we head to bed with a nagging feeling that we raced through the day, having little meaningful conversation with God.  



A proven technique to help develop an effective prayer life is to begin a Prayer Journal. Taking a few moments each day to jot down your daily Bible reading notes, impressions from God’s Word, along with prayer requests and answers to your prayers, will help enlarge your prayer life.

Of all the things Jesus disciples saw Him do, they only asked Him to teach them one thing, and that was how to pray! This prayer journal will follow the outline of the Lord’s Prayer, helping and guiding our prayers.

Additional Scriptures related to prayer and faith, interspersed throughout the Journal, helping to ignite your prayer life. 3 Month Journal