Christian Counseling


Pastor Sherri offers counseling from a Christian perspective.  Her primary focus is geared towards women who have been physically, sexually, or emotionally abused and those who have developed eating disorders.


Sherri came from an abusive home with an alcoholic father. At age 13 Sherri experienced a severe sexual assault by three young men. She had no one to turn to who would listen, so she tried to hide the hurt and the pain.


She developed an eating disorder that would end up nearly killing her. Years later she would undergo dozens of medical procedures to correct the damage done.


In a strange set of circumstances,  Sherri would  come face to face with the main actor in the sexual assault; the opportunity for forgiveness presented itself and Sherri was able to forgive from the heart; her story is truly inspirational.


Please contact us below to learn more information; Sherri would love to help any way she can.


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